Emil van Essen LLC specializes in real alpha strategies that have a low to negative correlation with other alternative investment funds. The firm has an experienced quantitative research team and significant trading knowledge. While research and trading form the cornerstone of the firm, operational best practices, risk management, and client services remain of utmost importance.

At its core EvE has been running one discretionary spread trading strategy from 2006 to date.  The Spread Trading Program is based on modeling commodity term structure.  In 2013 EvE launched a systematic outright futures strategy based on the same term structure modeling principles.   As the firm has grown over time we have customized strategies  and onboarded smaller complimentary CTA’s to better serve our customers needs.   We are still doing the same thing today that we have been doing for over 15 years based on the same core models; providing diversified alpha for our customers.


For more information please contact ir@emilvanessen.com.